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Excavator Prices Inc GST
2 days=$440
5 days=$1100

Free Delivery

Free Post Hole Digger
Free T
ipper Trailer
Free Top Up of Fuel
Free Machine Wash

Our UHI 10S excavator is ideal for digging trenches and small excavations. It comes with a 200mm and 360mm general purpose bucket, a 800mm mud bucket and a ripper.
It's small size makes it easy to tow and get into small spaces. The tracks can be retracted from 1 meter to a width of 80 centimetres.

The excavator comes on a tipper trailer allowing you to move and tip off material easily.

The prices of the machine includes free delivery, pick up, a tipper trailer, fuel and a wash.

This is to allow you to spend more time completing your project and less time worrying about equipment.

Call us on 0426907917 for bookings.
Bookings are essential.



                Operator hire costs $110 per hour Inc GST.
We offer an operator hire service with all our tools and equipment.
This is a good option for anyone low on time or for any job requiring another person.
The price of our operator hire service includes both the operator and equipment.

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