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Heathcote and Castlemaine
Dingo and Mini Excavator Hire 


Heathcote and Castlemaine residents can now enjoy hassle free delivery of both our dingo and mini excavator.

While we already service the Bendigo area, we are excited to bring our services to the Heathcote and Castlemaine area.

We strive to provide the best service and convenience to you.

Our service includes

Delivery and pick up,

Free top up of fuel

Free tipper trailer

Free machine wash

Call us today to reserve a machine for your upcoming project. 

Hysoon mini dingo digger  2 day hire + Delivery = $440

Mini excavator   2 day hire + Delivery = $550


We offer an operator hire service with all our tools and equipment.
This is a good option for anyone low on time or for any job requiring another person.
The price of our operator hire service includes both the operator and equipment.
                Operator hire costs $110 per hour.

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