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Pressure Washer Hire

This pressure washer is capable of producing 3200psi and has a flow rate of 10 l/M.
Simply change the guns nozzel to adjust from less agressive fans of water to high pressure jets of water.
This is great for cleaning a range of surfaces and objects.

Pressure washing jobs can also be carried out by us on an hourly rate of $110. This can be an Ideal way to get your wheelie bin cleaned as well as your car or pavement.

The prices of the machines include free delivery, pick up and fuel.

This is to allow you to spend more time completing your project and less time worrying about equipment.

Call us on 0426907917 for bookings.
Bookings are essential.


Pressure Washer  1 day=$165,   2 days=$275,   5 days=$550


We offer an operator hire service with all our tools and equipment.
This is a good option for anyone low on time or for any job requiring another person.
The price of our operator hire service includes both the operator and equipment.
                Operator hire costs $110 per hour.

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